Critical Product Availability Status

We are taking a step towards providing additional transparency on our component, bike, accessories availability and shipping times. We are trying not to get too granular but provide a more macro visibility on delays / shipping and any delays with your order.

We plan to update it every week moving forward.

Build times:  Updated 9/8/ 2021

1. Hydra : 45-60 days from order.

2. Crosstour / UC Pro : build times are 90 days from order.

3. Hydra black -  tracking 75-90 days. All Hydra Black orders will receive requests for the second tranche payment by end of August.  First deliveries targeted Late September.  





Notes / ETA

Last Update

Frame color Hydra,  RED Significant order delays due to paint shop being behind. We have explored alternatives aand looking for quality shops as we move forward.  9/08/2021
Motors Hydra,  UC Pro, Motor Orders AMBER Next batch of motors are delayed due to chip shortage. Original ETA 8/31, new ETA 10/30.  9/08/22021
Archon X1 Hydra, UC Pro and motor orders RED Significant chip shortage. We have enough to fulfill current orders. Will affect orders placed from Sep 1 onwards.  9/08/2021
Batteries Hydra, Atom, UC Pro, Crosstour GREEN   8/1/2021
Brakes - MT5e Hydra, Atom, UC Pro, Crosstour RED Original order eta 7/31. New ETA tbd.  9/08/2021
Frames  UCPro, Crosstour, custom Titanium AMBER  COVID related delays at manufacturer. They have been out for 25 days now.  All current order shipping from Asia  ETAs are slipping to Late October / early November at the earliest.  Depends on when factory is allowed to open.  9/08/2021
Kindernay Hubs Hydra,  Crosstour, UC Pro GREEN 8/1/2021
Lights - Supernova Hydra, Atom, UC Pro, Crosstour GREEN Supernova lights are here. Handlebar mounts ETA 6/24 8/1/2021
Rear Shocks Hydra AMBER Rear shocks options are limited (Rockshocks SDLX ultimate, 9/08/2021
Shimano 3 speed hubs Atom RED Original ETA was early April, 2021. Updated ETA 11/1 at the earliest per Shimano. 8/1/2021