Critical Product Availability Status

We are taking a step towards providing additional transparency on our component, bike, accessories availability and shipping times. We are trying not to get too granular but provide a more macro visibility on delays / shipping and any delays with your order.

We plan to update it every week moving forward.





Notes / ETA

Last Update

Archon Light Chip Hydra, Helios, UC Pro, Controller updates, Motor Orders RED Germay is in partial lockdown so production is delayed. ETA is 6/1 for light add on. 4/28/2021
Archon X1 Controllers Hydra, Helios, UC Pro, Controller updates, Motor Orders AMBER Shipped from Germany a couple of months ago. Delayed. ETA is May 5. 4/30/2021
Archon X2 for m600 Atom, M600 motor upgrades RED Still in testing. ETA is 9/1 4/30/2021
Batteries Hydra, Helios AMBER We have limited availability of 18650 individual cells. All Hydra and Helios orders placed since April 1, 2021 will be delayed. ETA May 30th 5/3/2021
Brakes - MT5e Hydra, Helios, UC Pro, Atom AMBER We out of the MT5 brakes. We will offer upgrade pricing for MT7e on the builds. ETA Jan 2022 4/30/2021
Frames Helios AMBER Some frames have been shipped and are in transit. Estimated to get most frames in stages over the next 2-6 weeks (as they come in) 4/28/2021
Kindernay Hubs Hydra, Helios AMBER Limited Availability of Hubs. They shipping in batches every 2-3 weeks. 4/28/2021
Lights - Supernova Helios, Hydra, UC Pro, Atom AMBER Limited availability on Supernova. We will provide Magicshine as an alternative if the delivery is critical. Next ETA from supernova is 6/1/2021 4/28/2021
Rear Shocks Hydra RED We have limited availability of rear shocks. For all orders placed after Feb 28, we will offer upgrade options if available. Next shipment of shocks is ETA June 1st, 2021 4/28/2021
Shimano 3 speed hubs Atom AMBER Original ETA was early April, 2021. ETA 5/15 air shipping from Asia. 4/30/2021