Recommendation on fixing a flat tire

The quickest way to fix a flat tire is to use a double capped Gaadi inner tube. Pick the 27.5 or 29 in version version - both pair nicely with the 27.5 tires. Here is a quick video that describes how to change the tube without taking off the wheel.

Since the belt tension and alignment assembly are somewhat involved, we recommend minimizing any removal of the rear tire, unless absolutely needed.  If you want to get the alignment and belt tension re-done, please visit your local bike shop. Our bikes are fully serviceable as a regular bike at any local bike shop.

Battery Charging Advice

We recommend charging the battery regularly to 85%  or 90% for daily / regular use. You should charge the battery to 100% every once every 15-20 cycles. This will allow the cells to rebalance and give you a long active battery life.

Program my supercharger

 distinct charging profiles. If you want to further tune your battery chargins, read about the Grin Satiator here. You can use the included programming cable to create custom profiles as needed.

Advice on changing gears ?

Since the Bafang Ultra motor is very powerful, a gear sensor does not effectively protect the Rolhoff hub from undue torque. We recommend pausing pedaling for changing gears. This will help reduce extra wear and tear on the Rohoff hub and your drive train.

What maintenance do I need ?

The Ultimate Commuter Pro has been designed to minimize typical maintenance. We recommend an check up at your local bike shop every 2500 miles or annually, whichever comes first. 

What about the Rohloff?

The Rohloff speed hub needs an oil change every 3000 miles or annually, whichever comes first. Here is a video by Cycle Monkey that describes the oil change process.   You can also take the Ultimate Commuter Pro to your local bike shop and they can also change the oil for you,