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Gulnaar (pronounced 'guulnahr' ) is our interpretation of an all-purpose, virtually maintenance free ebike for women and men. From confident commuting to exploring seasoned trails, Gulnaar is built to thrive wherever your adventure leads.

The Gulnaar lets you feel a new sense of freedom, with a fully integrated Bafang Ultra motor and ample power to keep it going for miles. The titanium frame is rigid and flexy in the right parts- absorbing bumps, while providing solid ground feedback to the rider. The experience is extremely robust and reliable, even if you are off the road.

Technical Specifications

  • Motor    : Bafang Ultra, with throttle
  • Battery : 700Wh
  • Frame : Titanium
  • Drive train : Carbon Gates Belt Drive
  • Gears / shifter  : Shimano Nexus, 3 Speed
  • Brakes : Tektro HD-350 Hydraulic Brakes, 180mm Rotors Front and Back
  • Charger  : 5A Charger with 90%/100% switch
  • Fenders : Full Fenders, both Front and Rear
  • Rear Rack : Standard

Parts Warranty

  • Frame : Lifetime
  • Motor : 6 months
  • All other parts : 6 months

Warranty covers parts for manufacturing failures only. Warranty covers any parts that are defective - we will send to you replacements with instructions on how to install. We do not offer any service warranty options at this time.

What Makes Gulnaar Special ?

We have brought together a lot of "street" knowledge into making this bike special. A modern and comfortable bike geometry brings together the salient features of the Gulnaar.

Geometry is sometimes a tricky thing to sort out. You will find geometry and size tables of our bikes below. Each size and model will have subtle variations within its geometry.

Things to look at are stand over which will be your clearance over the top tube, and reach -- the distance from the saddle to the handlebars.

 Gulnaar Geometry


Headtube angle can tell you how steep or slack the head tube is. The higher the angle, the steeper the front end. Low angles, are called “slack.” Bikes with slack headtubes are intended for more aggressive mountain biking, whereas a headtube angle 69 degrees and above would be made for recreational and non-aggressive biking.

The Gulnaar provides a great hybrid between the two styles. This is based on our experience with long term commuter riding posture, incorporating varying riding styles and comfort needs.

 Ideal Rider Size

We cater to the average rider profile, and build bikes specifically for individuals  from 4'11" all the way up to 6'4" .  The Gulnaar is offered in 4 (four) sizes, and the dimensions are as follows



(Extra Small)







Ideal Rider Height

4'10" - 5'2"

5'2" - 5'6"

5'5"-5'10" 5'10"-6'4"

Reach (cm/in)

38.1 / 15.0

38.9 / 15.3

40.0 / 15.7  40.0/15.7

Standover Height (cm/in)

67.9 / 26.7

71.9 / 28.3

75.7/29.8 79.9/31.4

Head Tube Angle



69.5º 69.5º


Components - why are they important ?

We have put a lot of thought into the various components going into our bikes. Almost all of these are based on our own personal experiences in commuting over 5000 miles in the past 3 years. Read more about them here.

Shipping times - where is my bike?

We have a launch inventory that is ready to go. We expect to get more orders than what we have in stock. Orders beyond the current inventory stock will have 6 week delivery lead time from the time of the order.