Hydra BLACK Deposit
Hydra BLACK Deposit
Hydra BLACK Deposit
Hydra BLACK Deposit
Hydra BLACK Deposit
Hydra BLACK Deposit

Hydra BLACK Deposit

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Introducing Hydra Black. A quantum leap in off-road technology! Enjoy the super e-bike experience at an unbeatable price for advanced innovation. Starting at $3,999.00!

Build and book yours today with just $499. Pay the rest over two installments! 50% of the balance will be charged to you in 45 days and the rest will be charged when we start building your bike (<90 days).

Delivery in ~90 days! 


  • You are only paying the deposit that will be adjusted towards your total. You will be able to choose the build options when we start building your bike. See below for available options.
  • Hydra Black comes with stock Bafang controller tuned to 1000W nominal. You can purchase upgrade to Archon X1, 2000W for $499 at the time of your final deposit.


Want the PRO treatment? Buy Hydra and customize everything instead!

Weight: 60lbs.

Shipping and Taxes calculated at checkout.

 Difference between Hydra Black and Hydra:

Here is how Hydra Black compares to the competitors.


Introducing Hydra


State of the Art Technology

Full Suspension

Carbon Fiber Frame

Up to 325lbs Weight Capacity

Archon X1 Up to 2300W

GPS compatible frame

Custom Paint Options

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Detailed Configuration Options

Hydra Specifications



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Detailed Features


Custom tuned Bafang Ultra torque sensing motor is a V8 among e-Bike motors. Capable of incredible 160Nm of torque, this monster of a motor can make any hill into a downhill adventure. Custom tuned to 750W, 28mph top speed to comply with the legal laws, it has incredible low-end torque and acceleration. IP 65 dust and splash resistant, means problem free commuting all 4 seasons.

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Battery is the heart of any e-bike. Boasting 52V, 17Ah capacity, featuring Bluetooth enabled BMS and single cell-fused pack, you can expect long, trouble-free service. Can be fast charged at ~7A using the Grim Satiator charger or limit the charging to 85% to extend the life of your battery to 2000 cycles.

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Quad Piston Brakes

Choose either Magura MT5e or Dominion A4 brakes for incredible stopping power, and amazing all weather performance. The high braking force of 4 pistons and its fine modulation make the MT5e a sure-footed companion. Dominion A4 features the proprietary QuickBite² system for fast and consistent burnish.

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HANDMADE IN ENGLAND - Manufactured using 100 year old traditional techniques and the highest quality materials. IMPERIAL CUT - Brooks utilizes the imperial cut to relieve perennial pressure. SHAPE ADJUSTMENT - Use the threaded perforations to maintain the shape and increase comfort on the B17 Imperial. Leather is naturally breathable.

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Jack Dropper SeatPost

Get jacked with our set-and-forget dropper seatpost. Collaboration between Manitou engineers and engineers from Answer Products has yielded a strong, lightweight shell with a durable hydraulic cartridge and easy setup. 125mm or 150mm Travel, 30.9mm or 31.6mm Diameter, Cable Actuated lever, Air-Back Hydraulic Cartridge Return Mechanism.

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Crankbrothers stamp pedals are the grippiest pedals we have used. These have a wider base to give you a more comfortable foot grip, and excellent pedal control. Most commuting is done in sneakers or vans or some version of a walking / comfortable shoe. These pedals have a slightly concave design that hugs your shoe to prevent you from accidentally slipping off.

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Gates Carbon Belt Drive

Carbon Gates Drive enables riders to ride over 4000 miles without worrying about belt replacements. The rear Gates sprocket is a CDX:EXP (expedition) rated. You can ride for thousands of miles without replacing the core drive train. Gates belt drive systems are easy to wipe down, provide a quiet confident experience.

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The K’ay XIV is a new internal gear hub, the first internal gear hub designed to accommodate a 12mm through-bolt. At 1400 grams, it’s the lightest full-range 14-speed gear hub on the market. This is done by innovative and advanced planetary gear design, which yields a total of 14 speeds out of just three simple planetary series.

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Designed for riders up to 325lbs. The 36H rear wheels are built to carry extra weight. The 32H front wheel with a Hope Pro boost hub complement the strong rear wheel.

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More Features

Carbon Frame

Strong carbon frame, custom built for up to a 325lb rider! The frame performs flawlessly in varying terrains, providing a great riding experience. The inherent flexibility and high tensile strength of Carbon allows the stress of off-road use to effectively dissipate without degradation of the material, ensuring Carbon frames stay stronger for longer. Not to mention the insane lightness of the frame!

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Front Suspension

There are good reasons the Mattoc is the performance benchmark for MTB riders worldwide: Unparalleled adjustability, supreme dampening performance, and Manitou’s renowned reliability. We’ve upgraded that winning formula to include low-friction dust seals that improve bump sensitivity, and IRT air spring adjustability that creates a plush beginning stroke with excellent mid-stroke support.

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Whether you’re travelling on tarmac or trail, the beefy Super Moto-X offers you the best riding characteristics and plenty of comfort. The 3 mm Green Guard puncture protection and reinforced sidewalls lets you reach your destination safely, even in the toughest conditions.  A perfect choice for e-bikes, the Super Moto-X is E-50 rated and will handle high speeds & heavy loads with ease.

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Custom Paint

If you can dream it, we can paint it. Introducing for the first time, custom paint jobs! Whether it's monotone, gradients or advanced camo - we can do it all!!! In fact, we are so dedicated to get you your custom e-Bike that all you need to do is go to Cerakote site and let us know the codes of the colors you want and how. Our expert artists will take care of all kinds of requirements till you can imagine those!

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Custom Cranks

The custom cranks designed for the Watt Wagons significantly reduces the stress on your knees, alleviating leg fatigue, and improved long term riding experience. We stand behind the quality and function of all our products. We will give your money back if you are not satisfied with the cranks. Go ahead - wear that WattWagons logo on your custom cranks. Quality and style is what we strive for in our products.

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If variety is the spice of life, then the Moloko Bar oozes umami at every bend. It offers a multitude of hand positions to keep you comfortable and in control over the course of a long day riding on varied terrain. It also has plenty of spots to mount your various accessories. Dangle a handlebar bag from it, strap some lights to it, throw a GPS on it (if that’s your thing), and ride all day. Available in 735mm or 685mm!

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