Performance is Standard. Cheaper than before!

We are proud to announce that starting May 2020, all our bikes will come with the new Archon X1 controller. We have also reduced our prices through end of April, so you can reserve yours at a fantastic price.

OK, exciting, but can I get my throttle now ?

Yes! With the new controller, we will have the option of adding a throttle to all versions - 750W, 1000W and even the 2300W version! The key difference is that the throttle assist will be limited to 90Nm of torque, so we do not damage the Rohloff gear hub.

That is unbelievable ....what else do you have?

Well, there is this little case of an insane downhill bike, an amazing 1100Wh battery, and a dual battery converter!

All shipping this May!


  • high heel

    The ankle strap design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your look. high heel

  • Louie

    How durable is the STURMEY ARCHER 3 SPEED HUB and will 3 speeds be good enough for a 60 mile ride.
    And what is involved with the ,“Harness w/2 -year sw upgrades” =option

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