Archon X1 Controller

Archon X1

Introducing a breakthrough in mid-drive motor technology. Watt Wagons launches the Archon X1 controller for the Bafang Ultra. Developed in Germany, the Archon X1 pushes the Bafang Ultra to a world beating performance standard.

2 Year Warranty
On the controller only

Up to 2300W
Nominal Wattage. 3000W Peak

15% More Efficient
Compared to stock controller

Instant Assist

Smooth Ramp Up

Archon X1 Highlights

Higher sampling rate

Lower power draw

15% Range gain

Ride profiles

BLE enabled

Lower motor temp

Throttle enabled!

Upto 2300W

Instant assist


Upgrade Process


  1. Please read the disclaimers (below) before you buy the Archon upgrade.
  2. Click on the Shop Archon button below.
  3. Select the battery pack (48V or 52V).
  4. Select the nominal wattage you would like to upgrade to (750W, 1000W, 2300W)
  5. During checkout process, specify your motor serial number. If you forget, you can send it to ""


  1. We will email you a packing slip with your motor serial number.
  2. We will send you the shipping address for the motor.
  3. Please ensure you include the packing slip with your motor. This is very important
  4. Please ship the motor and send us the tracking number. USPS priority flat rate boxes are ideal, and take 2-5 days.


  1. We will inspect your motor when we receive it. If the motor is faulty or broken, we will return the motor and provide you a refund minus the cost of shipping.
  2. Note that upgrading the controller will void the Bafang motor warranty. You can buy a warrantied motor + controller here.
  3. It will take 1 week to upgrade the controller, from the time we receive the motor.

Ship Back!

  1. Once the controller is updated, and is registered with our servers, we will send you a confirmation email with the Serial number of your controller. Please keep this safely. You may need that in the future for all service / upgrade requests.
  2. We will ship the motor back to you and send you a tracking number.
  3. Install it on your bike.
  4. Welcome to the future!

Important - Please Read

  1. Upgrading the controller will void the warranty on your Bafang motor.
  2. At the moment the controller does not support headlight or tail light output due to signal interference issues. We are working on it but this is a 2021 item.
  3. Archon X1 controller is warrantied for 2 years from date of install. If you want to buy a warrantied motor+controller, you can purchase one here.
  4. We do not fix any broken motors. We will test each motor prior to starting the swap. If it fails, doesn't start, has missing parts, or has other damage, then we will return the motor to you and refund you, minus return shipping fees.
  5. The upgraded motor cannot be tuned using the old Bafang software or cable harness. It has brand new custom firmware specifically developed for Watt Wagons.
  6. As we upgrade the firmware and add features, we will make these upgrades available via a paid upgrade path.
  7. If you purchased a new Bafang Ultra motor, or an ebike with the Bafang Ultra motor in 2020, please ensure you have the UART version of the motor.

Watt Wagons

Archon X1

A revolution in controller technology!

Feature Roadmap

Support for CAN version of Bafang Ultra

Support for headlight and tail light

Dynamic changing power level

BLE smart health accessory support

Early Customer Testimonials

"The bike pulls & accelerates. The power is there whenever you want it & will even compensate for poor gear & line choices. It helps you navigate technical sections & accelerate up hills. There is an immediacy to the power that just builds, like a Tesla which in part explains their appeal."

@JoeKing   -   APR 2020

"It does seem to have smoother power delivery.
It is not as grabby when you pull away. And it definitely feels more refined more intelligent and a little more powerful. My bike has a new character and I like it."

@TomW  -   Jun 2020

"I rode a M1 Sporttechnik before switching to the Ultra with X1. This... I have no words. I used the Exess HP-180 (Travalanche) and the bike pretty much outperformed any M1 on any day of the week. Yeah!"

Kevin J   -   May 2020