Unmatched Visibility, with 2800 lumens!

Our bikes come with an incredible dual front and rear light combination, giving you unparalleled visibility, and ease of use wherever you go.  The Lezyne Macro 1000 lumen front light, and the L&M Tuck rear lights are wired directly into the motor. The bikes now come with additional, battery and smartphone operated Lezyne Mega Drive 1800i , 1800 lumen smart front light, and the Lezyne KTV Pro smart rear light.

Watt Wagons Custom Cranks

All Watt Wagons bikes come with custom cranks, designed specially for the bike geometry. We have managed to reduce the Q-factor by a couple of MM to provide a much more comfortable ride. 

New Handlebar, now with storage!

We have upgraded our handlebars to the excellent Surly Moloko handlebars. The bikes now also come with the matching Surly handlebar bag.


  • Kudos overall! You really nailed all the important choices, hydraulic brakes, extra power from middrive motor, belt drive, titanium frame and separate throttle. These were my non-negotiables and you hit them all!

  • Gritty, kickass, beautiful. I need more words to describe this beast.

  • I am new to ebiking so I need to do some reading and research. I came across your bike by looking for the kind of build you do. When I saw the picture and specs it felt a little like long ago seeing that one girl across the crowded room...

  • I stumbled upon your website while looking for an ebike with rohloff and gates belt. I am impressed with what you are offering. You seem to have the kind of bike that would make me happy.