WCVB Made in Mass Interview



Pushkar built his first e-bike just to solve his commuting problem. He realized he was onto something when someone at a traffic stop asked him about his bike and whether he could build the same for them. Toying around with ideas, he noticed that while there were many products in the market, there were hardly any that qualified as reliable, or well designed.

He went to the white board and out came some highly successful works of pure engineering! He founded Watt Wagons and got working on securing design and vendor relationships after getting great feedback from a lot of enthusiasts! He went for the holy grail to prove the reliability of Watt Wagons – a Guinness World Record!  Of course, along with kudos, it resulted in many opportunities to expand Watt Wagons.

Amit, Pushkar’s friend from undergrad, had been working with Pushkar on a bunch of other things, including another company, when they decided to collaborate and take Watt Wagons to the next level. Out came the new state of the art products, new website and brand strategy, great endorsements and media coverage.

They are working on a few upcoming ultra-smart accessories that will be game changers to riding ecosystem!





    EV Entrepreneur

  • IIT Bombay
  • MS, Carnegie Mellon University
  • MS, Boston University
  • Previous Co-founder Experience
  • 20+ Years of Experience  in Management, Entrepreneurship, Sales



    Entrepreneur and Riding Enthusiast

  • IIT Bombay
  • MBA, University of Michigan
  • Management Consulting Experience
  • 18+ Years of Management Experience in Finance, Strategy, and Marketing