WCVB Made in Mass Interview

commuter companion - infinite upgrades!

We are happy to launch a program to help our customers keep up with the advancements in e-bike technologies.

The easy part - components

As we develop new parts,  packs, enclosures, and work with new components, we will provide our customers a pathway to upgrade. As an example, if we come up with a new battery pack with cool features, or higher capacity, we will try to make it backward compatible, and you can buy it from us at a discounted price.


The cool part - frame and motor

If in the future we work with a new motor which means getting a new frame, OR the same motor but a better frame design / capability, we will offer our customers the option to upgrade to a new frame and / or the new motor !


How will this work ?

The program will have a nominal annual charge of $10/yr to cover administrative costs.  You must enroll in the program within 90 days of getting the bike using the following

  • The Order number
  • Frame serial number
  • Motor serial number

At the moment the registration will be processed manually by sending an email to register@wattwagons.com . Once we launch a customer portal, we will send you a link to register your bikes online.

We do not want our customers to have upgrade anxiety, or new bike envy. It is important to note that all this is only possible if we keep an open platform.