WCVB Made in Mass Interview

Components - Quality comes standard

What makes Watt Wagons special is all the little things. Using an ebike for commuting is a big commitment. As your primary mode of transport, it is crucial that your ebike is able to withstand long term use, with predictable wear and tear of components.

At Watt Wagons, we care about both the riders and the bike. Quality components gets you better rider wellness, backed by awesome technical components.


Rider wellness



Watt Wagons have geometries designed with long term riding in mind. On an ebike, the more upright you can sit, the better it is for your overall posture. The Head Tube Angle is designed to be more like a road bike.

Gulnaar Head Tube Angle


As you bike for a longer distance, your arms need to stretch for a lot longer, and tire a lot faster. We have incorporated this into our bike geometries - with our ideal 'reach',  your arms feel a lot less tired after hours of riding.



A key part of a comfortable commuter ride is taking care of your back.  All Watt Wagons come with a suspension seatpost standard. A good suspension seatpost softens the ride, while maintaining ground feedback. 

Suspension Seatpost



Say good bye to padded shorts / pants. Say goodbye to sore butts. Our bikes come standard with an amazing  Anatomic Relief Saddle.  The saddle offers foam padding with flexible base for maximum comfort and support. It has a full length center recess with cut out for comfortable anatomic relief. It has Lycra cover with abrasion-resistant side material, and will last you for miles to come!

Ergonomic Saddle



After riding for an hour or two, you will typically notice your hands, palms or fingers start to get numb.  Our bikes come standard with Ergonomic grips, with wide palm support.  They have rubberized adjustable supports with varying thickness to reduce or dampen vibrations. Combined with good padded gloves, this enables you to ride longer with little to no hand numbness or post-ride ghost vibrations.

Ergonomic Grips



Technical Components


Drive Train

Having a mid drive takes a toll on your drive train - the chain, front and rear sprockets. Watt Wagons offer an optional upgrade to Carbon Gates belt drive. As you roll though rain, mud, snow, gravel, the belt drive performs effortlessly, and quietly.

Cleaning the belt is very easy - a quick gentle hose down with water will get rid of any gunk or residue.

  Belt Drive


Gates Belt Drive


Internal Gear Hub

All our bikes come standard with a 3 speed Shimano Internal Gear hub. This provides a uniform, robust, near maintenance free ride. We have tested the hub in a variety of riding conditions including riding in the rain, snow, or cruising on the beach, and the hub has performed flawlessly.

Internal Gear Hub



Hydraulic Brakes


All Watt Wagons come standard with Tekro E350 hydraulic brakes with electronic shutoff. Coupled with standard 180MM rotors , they offer excellent stopping  performance.

Hydraulic brakes