The Most Dapper City Commuter!

Introducing ATOM

City Commuting just became more spruced up with our new e-bike ATOM.

Watt Wagons introduces it's first Bafang M600 based city commuter. ATOM is built to be compact, yet powerful. ATOM boasts a small footprint for a long range (up-to 100 miles on a single charge with dual batteries)!

Simplicity meets style and function!

Detailed Specifications Below.

Shipping Starts MAY 2021!

Key Features


With a torque of 120 Nm and a nominal power of 500 W, the M600 is at the heart of ATOM. Of course, after the success of Archon X1 for Bafang Ultra, we are proud to offer a controller upgrade to Archon X2 for that Watt Wagons signature ride quality

Rear Hub

We offer Shimano Nexus 3 Speed as the default on Atom. For the true enthusiast, Kindernay's internal gear hub is offered as an upgrade. Kindernay's high technology bike drive systems come with outstanding shifting performances. Shift your gears instantly, anywhere, anytime, for years !


We take pride in our custom frame designs that are a unique blend of comfort, style and strength. ATOM's custom Aluminum frames are rated for all kinds of riders up to 275 pounds!



- Up To 750W Nominal with Archon X2 Controller

- Impeccable Contemporary Design

- Only 50 lbs. with Rack, Fenders, Belt Drive

- Up to 100 mi. Range with Optional Dual Batteries

- Carbon Fiber Fork for Smooth Gravel Riding

- ATOM -

Detailed Specifications

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